Friday, July 31, 2009

Flickr, Header, and Tumblr

I have now officially made a Flickr, header, and Tumblr!
Here are the links to my Flickr & Tumblr -
Flickr -
Tumblr -
By now, you are probably thinking "Why is the address of this blog Rainbo Soleil, her Tumblr, Rainbow Rain, and everything else Rainbow Amour?
Well, it is actually much harder than you would think to come up with a name, and I went through several changes in the process, but I promise to keep my name Rainbow Amour for now on =).

So, I have finally almost finished my blog and will for now on post almost every day (or more).

Thank you very much for viewing my blog and please come again! :D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Little Wishlist

Unfortunately, I can not upload any photos onto a Flickr or this page until I get a camera, probably sometime between now and next week. But until then I will have to do everything else I can do with this blog (which is alot :D)
I will set up a layout as soon as possible, but most get permission first to use the images for it. So until then, keep a close eye out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rainbow Soliel

Welcome to Rainbow Amour! The word Amour is french for love (Even though that's the only word I know in french.) I am a girl who loves vintage fashion, hair, and make-up and will add a Flickr, Modepass, and (maybe) a youtube ASAP. I will also eventually add a website, but not until I get more well-known. I love style all the way from the 1920's-50's and currently have an Etsy called Vintagelostnfound. but, I have yet to add items.
I hope to be soon chatting with other vintage lovers and view the wonderful world of vintage blogging :)