Friday, July 31, 2009

Flickr, Header, and Tumblr

I have now officially made a Flickr, header, and Tumblr!
Here are the links to my Flickr & Tumblr -
Flickr -
Tumblr -
By now, you are probably thinking "Why is the address of this blog Rainbo Soleil, her Tumblr, Rainbow Rain, and everything else Rainbow Amour?
Well, it is actually much harder than you would think to come up with a name, and I went through several changes in the process, but I promise to keep my name Rainbow Amour for now on =).

So, I have finally almost finished my blog and will for now on post almost every day (or more).

Thank you very much for viewing my blog and please come again! :D


  1. Oh, congrats on your new blog!!! I wish you well on it! :D

    I am sure you will get a camera soon... and it makes it so much fun to blog!

    Everything's looking good, and good luck for the future! :)

  2. Excellent blog.

    I will also follow your Flickr and Tumblr !