Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Too wonderful for words

You never believe where I found these Betsey Johnson dresses - Goodwill! My family and I were walking through a little rural town when we saw a little Goodwill hiding between two historic buildings downtown. The Goodwill was so tiny, that I had to talk my family into going in, for they thought it wouldn't have anything nice. Yet, when we went in, we relizied it was much better than we'd expected. There were only about four other customers there, so we got alot of attention from the sweet lady working the cash register.I had found a adorable little 60's dress and 40's skirt when the lady came up to me and told me to follow her. I did so curiously, but when she brought me to a rack at the back of the store and dug threw afew blouses, I new that what ever she was going to show me was going to be good. And it was - it was two (yes two!) Bestsey Johnson dresses for only $8 each!One was exactly my size and the other was a size to big, but it ended up still being perfect .You can few their dresses here -


  1. aww im so jealous. all the goodwills by my house suck. :[ i hardly ever find anything good because so many people go to them.

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  3. That is so awesome! Betsy Johnson is my favorite designer and has been since I first saw her work!! Love your posts! xoxo

  4. that. is so. freakin'. awesome. goodwill trolling is the best in small towns, for sure. one of these days i'm making a special trip JUST to do that. and to indulge in diner food.

  5. I am so incredible jealous of your find! Oh thrift shopping, so many treasures to find!

    -Lara from ClosetCat

  6. The charity shops in America are so much better than the ones in the UK. I went for a nose today and found a Kookai dress but we very rarely get any good finds and even fewer vintage ones!! Shall have to stock pile stuff next time I visit the states!